Irish Signals and Systems Conference (ISSC 2012)

Topics of Interest

This year, we would like to invite you to consider submitting papers on the theme of smart spaces - where there is a combination of sensing our environment, analysing noisy streaming signals, and using this information to inform decisions and enable distributed control of large systems. Examples could include work on smart electricity and water networks, urban areas or transport networks.

The Conference focuses on all aspects of digital signal processing, control and communications, and encompasses algorithm, circuit and system modelling, design, and implementation. We welcome theory and applications orientated papers in the following exemplar thematic areas:

Signal Processing

  • Detection, estimation and prediction for signals and systems
  • Image, multimedia, speech and audio signal processing
  • Biomedical signal processing and systems
  • Bio-inspired systems
  • Cryptography, and information hiding
  • Machine learning and computational intelligence
  • Scalable analytical techniques

Control Systems

  • Linear and non-linear systems modelling and control
  • Adaptive systems and robust control
  • Intelligent control systems
  • Production engineering
  • Distributed control
  • Systems identification
  • Statistical process control

Communication Systems

  • Next generation wireless and optical communications
  • Network architectures and optimisation
  • Distributed media and services
  • Communications for sensor networks

Analog, Digital and Mixed Signal Circuit Design

  • Embedded DSP
  • Analog, mixed Signal and RF signal processing
  • VLSI, ASIC and FPGAs for signal processing
  • Applications in control and communications
  • Systems on a chip

We welcome submissions for special sessions on novel or emerging areas of research in signal processing, control and communications, and developments in engineering education. Please contact the Chair with your suggestions.